The team of Back – up in Football

The team of Back – up in Football

W 88 Reserve Team:

In sports normally in foot ball the backup team is much more important as the team is composed of contract players to a club who do not play the matches with first appearance team. This team is used as back up team. Mostly the young and dynamic players who are in the upcoming in the team are included in the lineup of the team.  If the first team members are injured the reserve team members are deputed instead of the first team member until the recovery take place from the injury.  In some countries the reserve team is used to compete in totally different competitors from the first team members. In some other countries this reserve team used as farm team to compete in same league system as the first team members of the club are also in separate divisions. Get more details regarding gaming here at

W 88 Association football and Reserve :

Reserve team has emerging  certain age w88 สำรอง players which are highly game oriented there will be combination of  emerging young youth players and squad players of first team .  The team plays only with age specific teams and leagues.

In some countries the reserve clubs are localized in the same city to differentiate between the senior team   and no confusion should to occur with clubs of sister companies. Hence the separate clubs are maintained in the same championship to demarcate.  Sometimes the reserve teams also represent the regional leagues.  Reserve foot ball team is also allowed to permit to participate in all league foot balls’ expect for highest divisions. Normally the reserve team bares the same name as the primary team by adding a suffix of second so that no confusing will be in the demarcation. If the reserve team is ending the season in promotional cadre it cannot enter into the promotional form instead the promotional cadre will be awarded to the superseding team for promotional cadre.  In some countries there are two types of reserve teams one doubles and other as second team normally the second team competes in major league competitions where others are a form of standby to the game.  Sometimes the doubles are formed from the existing second teams and some clubs keep the second teams for their stand by doubles in the major competitions. In some cases these teams would be promoted to the senior team by the experience and primer division as per the experience during the tenure of the game play which is gained throughout the tenure and years ahead of training.

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